A Birthday Surprise! Make a Wish Part I

Last week, Lila got to celebrate her 7th birthday! I’m still in shock, that my sweet 6.5lbs baby girl is now a KID. We started her birthday off with a phone call. It was Make a Wish MAINE-who wanted to inform us that Lila was medically eligible for a WISH! 

My jaw literally dropped to the ground. I never thought in a million years, Lila would get her own wish. For anything. ANYTHING! My Aunt Pam referred Lila to the program back during Christmas time, and we want to thank her for taking the time of her busy life to do this for our Lila and our family. Such a blessing. 

I was informed that Make A Wish is going to spend a good month finding us two volunteers that will generously give us their time, and help plan Lila’s wish. We’ll be meeting them soon, and start brainstorming ideas! We have a few options, I wish to be, I wish to give, I wish to go, I wish to have, or I wish to meet. Since Lila isn’t able to tell us what her wish is, we’ll have to sit and decide what her wish will be. I’m a little sad that Lila isn’t cognitively able to process this wish, because I know she would make this extra special. I’ve spent the last few days brainstorming idea’s. Tying to be in Lila’s shoes, and deciding what a typical 7 year old girl would want. Sigh. It’s difficult.  I’m leaning towards I wish to give or I wish to go. While we’re waiting to meet our volunteers, I hope to generate a hefty list of idea’s to go over with them! 

If we go with I wish to give– We would want to give to our special needs community in Mid-Coast Maine or ALL of Maine. 

If we go with I wish to go-I’ve been brainstorming ALL kinds of AMAZING Lila friendly family vacations. Disney World in Florida. Atlantis in the Bahamas. Alaskan Disney Cruise. Aulani Disney resort in Hawaii. 

I know quite a few people had suggested wishing for adaptive gear, funds towards a handicap van, a PT room in the basement, a handicap friendly bathroom in our house, or a Lila friendly play set outside. All of these sound amazing, HOWEVER, I want Lila’s wish to be the most ultimate wish EVERR. Whether it’s to give or to go. I want her wish to be full of happy and joyful memories. I want pictures, lots and lots of pictures. If there was a time that we lost our Lila, I don’t want a play set or a therapy room haunting me daily-I want to look back in my photo-albums and remember her happy and healthy during her Make A Wish experience. I’ve always been a HUGE advocate for giving my children experiences. If I could, I’d give them the entire world of adventure. Sadly, that’s not feasible-but giving Lila a memorable and happy experience of giving or going with Make A Wish, will be a treasured experience that we’ll never ever forget!

I promise to keep you all posted in the upcoming months with what adventure we decide to go on. I can’t express how excited and truly blessed we are, that we’ll be able to give this experience to Lila and her little bro. AHH, pinch ME!