Diet and Exercise Journey Part II

I reached day 14 of my new diet and exercise plan. TWO weeks. Two miserable weeks. Haven’t read Part I yet? Head on over THERE first!

Starting weight 132.4lbs

Week 2 weight 125.2lbs

There’s not a big difference visually, but I feel sooooo MUCH better physically and mentally. 

My diet.

Processed Sugar. I cut about 90% of processed sugar out of my diet. No more oreo’s. No more ice cream. No more donuts. No more homemade chocolate chip cookies. No more cake. This has been my biggest struggle. The sugar detox has been MISERABLE. I won’t lie. It hasn’t gotten better, especially since I’m PMSing right now. Now as an alternative, I did make these yummy dark chocolate, almonds and sea salt bars. I cut them into small pieces and I’ll eat one a day-to help with my cravings during my hormonal time of the month. It’s satisfying and HEALTHY-er!

Refined Carbohydrates. I cut about 90% of refined Carbohydrates out of my diet. So no more white flour. No more chips. No more white bread. No more rolls. No more crackers AND a lot more sobbing. The no refined Carbs thing has also been ROUGH. I’ve instead, replaced flour with whole grain oatmeal, whole grain wheat flour, and fruits and veggies. 

Sodium. I’ve cut a huge portion of sodium out of my diet. Hence the rapid weight loss. We all know if we eat too much sodium, our kidney’s can’t filter it out and it stays in our body-hoarding water. In return, you have a bloated belly. YUCK. 

I’ve added veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grain, chia, flax seed, and a TON of protein to my diet. Now, a few changes I’ve seen in my body over the last two weeks!

  1. Drop in water weight. My belly isn’t bloated anymore and my digestive track has actually been working PERFECTLY!
  2. NO acne. At the moment anyways. We’ll see what the future holds in that area. But let me break my acne situation down for you, I’m on 3 different prescription medications for adult acne and before this diet-I was STILL breaking out with cystic acne, using all three medications. 
  3. I’m not tired in the afternoons anymore. Ask my daughters nurse, once the afternoon arrived-I was dragging ass. BAD. Now I can get through my busy afternoons. EASY!
  4. No drop in blood sugar at the gym. Before my new diet, I stuffed myself with refined Carbs. My body burned through those carbs quick at the gym and I would get a drop in blood sugar (aka-belly aches and weakness). I had to eat MORE calories, so I could finish my gym session. Now that I’m eating whole grains, fiber, and protein-my body has enough energy for an entire gym session! Think about it, I was eating 2000-2500 calories a day before my diet and I would have drops of blood sugar at the gym. Now I eat 1300 HEALTHY calories a day and I leave the gym, NOT hungry! 

Amazing, huh? I feel soo much better. Even after two weeks. I can’t wait for the upcoming weeks and months. Since dieting, my sense of smell has heightened and I can sniff out a McDonalds or the fry section at Walmart from a mile away. Awful. Then the pizza commercials on TV. AWWWW! Also, I noticed while approaching the checkout area of Walmart, they place all the unhealthy snacks up there! No fruit. No veggies. Nothing healthy. It’s candy bars, chips, cookies and candy. Even when you walk into the store, they have shelves of unhealthy food, just sitting there. I’ll take pictures the next time I shop, and show you all. It’s crazy. Before, I would pick up all those unhealthy snacks, without even thinking about it. 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I’ve decided to add at least 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil to my diet each day. Actually, in Lila’s diet as well! 

Cheat days. In the beginning part of my diet, I’m allowing one CHEAT meal a month. Probably my kids birthday party. PIZZA and cake. I mean, you gotta live once in a while and a cheat meal isn’t going to side track you and make you gain all your weight back! I’m counting down the days until January 27th! ahhhh! 

Exercise. I’ve kept with the same routine from before. Gym:4x a week-2 hours each time. I do HIIT cardio (via running and rowing) 2x-3x a week and stationary bike with intervals 1x a week. I also deadlift, barbell squat, and I free weight core, back, arms and legs. HIIT cardio is draining, so I’m trying to save my free weights for those days and during my light cardio days, I barbell squat and deadlift. 

I was a prime example of the girl who thought she could out-exercise her bad diet. Nope. I gained 12 pounds while exercising. GYM rat exercising. Let this be a lesson! 

Here’s to week THREE! This week, I’m hoping to share a few healthy recipes I’ve been finding on pinterest!




  1. Trina

    January 14, 2018

    I love following your progress. Such an inspiration.

  2. sierra kristen

    January 15, 2018

    Thank you!!! πŸ™‚ I’ve been stalking you on myfitnesspal, and looks to me you’re doing great!