Diet & Weight-loss Journey Part IV

First off, I started a NEW insta account, completely dedicated to my fitness journey. I fully understand this is my THIRD insta account, so don’t judge. πŸ˜‰ You can check it out HERE and don’t forget to follow me!

And yes, that’s a 6 pack of abs. Barely there, but it’s THERE!! 


I approached week 6 of my diet. Recap-No refine sugar. No white flour ANYTHING. No dairy. No processed food. However, I am eating fruits, veggies, lean protein, and whole grains/wheat. I’ve had a few cheat meals (not days) and boy did they taste GOOD! Of course, I paid a little extra in the skin department-I’m currently sporting a lovely chin pimple.

My current weight (as of this morning) is 119.6lbs. Another pound to go! 

I’ve had a few people ask me what my diet and exercise is like-so I thought to write-up a little post- briefly letting you all in on what has worked for me!

I’ve spent the last 6 weeks, throwing away most of my food. 

Baking-I threw away anything white flour. I added coconut flour, old fashion oats, almond flour and whole wheat/grain flour. I purchased all whole grain bread (I don’t usually eat bread, but it’s there for the family!). Instead of semi sweet and milk chocolate chips, I use 60-80% dark chocolate chips. Instead of WHITE sugar, I use coconut sugar, honey and maple syrup. I’m not much into the stevia sugar-it has a pretty gross after taste. I added flax-seed, chia seed, chopped almonds and vegan protein to my baking goodies. 

Dairy- This one is pretty simple (yet the most difficult to kick). Instead of cows milk, I’m drinking unsweetened almond milk. No joke, almond milk tastes EXACTLY like cows milk. Instead of cream for my coffee, I’m using coconut creamer. My coffee tastes better. I use vegetarian cheese, it’s ok. I don’t think there’s an alternative that is better than REAL cows milk cheese. WAHHH. But it fills that cheese void. 

The majority of my money goes towards fruits, veggies, rice, lean protein (ground turkey and chicken breast).

I don’t buy cereal anymore. Why? Because it’s processed. It has sugar. Basically, it’s 100% carbs that fill you up, spike your blood sugar and BAM you’re hungry within 1.5 hours of eating it. I eat whole oats and steel-cut oats. I mix protein in it. I make a 1/2 cup of egg whites. I pre-make protein waffles/pancakes and freeze them. I warm up the waffles, add almond butter, cinnamon and berries on top!  Oh, and occasional chicken sausage. I don’t eat processed meat anymore (good-bye deli meat and bacon!! wahhh!), so I keep the chicken sausage as an occasional treat. 

Obviously, no more chips/crackers/pre-bought cookies. No cake. No ANYTHING that was already pre-made by someone else. No more sugary food items. Of course, there’s a few exceptions-but for the most part, I’m pretty strict about processed food and sugar in my house. 

Dinner and lunch is high protein, whole grains and veggies. 

My snacks include oatmeal cookies (with fruit). High protein cookie dough. Almond bark with sea salt. Popcorn. Fruits and veggies with almond/peanut butter. 

When I first started this diet, it was complete torture for the first month. I was hungry all the time. I was miserable. I wanted to snack. Eat unhealthy processed food. It was a tough month. Now, I’m actually enjoying my veggies and fruits-it’s a normal part of my eating routine. I LOVE to see colors on my plate. SOO good. 

My advice to healthy eating is ask yourself“how can I add protein, fiber, fruit and veggies to THIS meal?” How can I keep my stomach satisfied for a longer amount of time (so you don’t snack on unhealthy food)?” “What will give me the proper energy for my day or my workout?” 


My skin is still going strong. Like I said above, I’m sporting a hormonal/cheat meal pimple on my chin. Normal. Other than that, my SKIN is completely CLEAR. I recently dropped my diuretic medication by 25mg-So we’ll see how the upcoming weeks go. I did see my dermatologist last week and I told him I found the cure to my acne-he looked puzzled and asked, “what?” I told him my diet. He showed NO emotion. NONE. He’s been my skin doctor for a few years now and has seen me suffer. He’s seen me depressed. He’s prescribed a TON of medications. He’s begged me to take acutane.  We’ve been through the ringer together with this acne and NOTHING has helped-so when I told him my diet cleared up my skin-I thought he was going to jump up and down with excitement! Nothing. Just a fake smile. I’m now wondering what the hell he was thinking? “damn, she’s figured out the REAL cure to adult acne and I won’t be making money off from her anymore?” hahaha. I will admit, besides just wanting to be healthy in general-my skin is my biggest motivator. I’ve suffered for over 15 years of this horrible skin condition. SUFFERED. And if kicking dairy and eating healthy is the only cure, I’m sure as hell going to stick with it. 110%. 


I’ve been continuously exercising for 4 years now. BUT I’ve added weight training for my entire body (not just deadlifts and squats). I’ve also added HIIT cardio (at the gym and outside). My days of long distance running are over. My cardio went from 50 minutes a gym session to 30 minutes. My cardio workouts are MORE intense during the days I don’t deadlift or squat with barbell. I’ll eventually write-up a little more about my exercise routine in later posts!

My biggest advise I’d give to people is, if you can talk/read a book/watch a movie while doing cardio-you’re doing it wrong. Basically, you need to feel like death to get the MOST out of cardio workout. With strength training, if you’re not grunting, on the verge of tears, making weird ass faces or feeling the burn-you’re doing it wrong. Of course, if you’re a newbie with exercise-this doesn’t apply to you, YET! Start small and work your way to feeling like death. I like to compare my cardio workouts to giving birth to my children. I pushed 1.5 hours with each kid, and I wanted to die. I wanted to give up. I was so damn tired and didn’t want to continue. Finding that inner strength to keep going and kick ass is something only YOU can do. 

My last piece of advice for diet and exercise is consistency. You can’t diet and exercise for one week and take two weeks off. You’ll see no progress and you’ll fall back. Once you start seeing results, diet and exercise will become your new lifestyle. 


I have NOT purchased any diet programs/exercise programs or hired a trainer, YET (I’m too broke for that nonsense). I’ve done a lot of googling and youtubing. Now that I’ve lost some fat, I need to start thinking about my calories and gaining muscle. I plan to up my calorie intake, eat in-between meals and make it goal to gain 5lbs of muscle for the remaining 2018 year. I’d eventually LOVE to be a lean 125lbs-ish! ahh!