Gardens Aglow at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay Harbor, Maine.

Last weekend, we took an impromptu trip to the Coastal Botanical Gardens for the annual Gardens Aglow in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The stars aligned. Lila was well enough for the trip and it was semi warm-ish outside (aka no 30mph winds). I always look forward to this event, because it’s something that Lila can enjoy. For once. Typically, lights/colors seem to stimulate Lila and she thrives off from it-so the Gardens Aglow was a great way for Lila to learn. She stayed awake during the entire trip, and she LOVED all the lights. Watching her face was priceless. Jude, meh. But Lila, YASSS! 



Handicap accessible. They parked us close to the entrance and we had room to use her ramp. The gardens are wheel chair friendly. 

There was MASS amount of people, coming and going. The beginning of our walk was a bit crowded, but as we approached the half way mark, there were fewer people. The traffic and people flowed great, barely any waiting lines (except for the girls bathroom. ha!)

You can pre-purchase tickets, and you DON’T have to attend at that time. I purchased 7:30pm tickets and we checked in at 4pm. But be forewarned:If you go a different time, they can’t guarantee parking. 


The only con I can think of was the mass amounts of humans. It was difficult to get Lila’s wheel chair around groups of stopped people. 

I highly HIGHLY recommend this event! It was pure magic. Coastal Botanical Garden’s nailed it again this year!


Gardens Aglow Boothbay Harbor, Maine