Halloween 2017

With wedding and portrait season coming to an end, I plan to play some catch up over the summer months AND post some fun personal stuff! I had planned this post to be written up and blogged on Halloween night, but a GIANT storm came flying in on Monday and basically ripped up all the trees and left about half a million Mainers without power. Everyone has been roughing it all week, and I can feel for them-during ice storm of 98′, my family was without power for 14 days. I hardly bathed, went to the bathroom in buckets and basically froze to death in my metal trailer in Belmont, Maine. Fun times. There’s never a dull moment here. Thankfully, we only lost power for 6 hours-partially because CMP knows Lila NEEDS electricity to run her machines AND because we’re en route to the hospital. Sadly though, we lost internet and TV for four days. My boy tested me in ways I never imaged-I kissed his iPad as the internet raced back into our house this afternoon (yes, I’m THAT mom-no shame). All is well again.

Without further ado, my children. Jude picked out his and his sisters costumes. I’ll let you all in on a little secret…I hate Darth Vader. I hate Stars Wars. But Jude, the kid is obsessed. Next year, him and I are meeting half way in the costume department. It’s only fair. 😉 Oh, and Lila as Wonder Woman. Cliche, but oh so true. She’s Wonder Woman in so many ways!