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Can I view your portfolio? What is your style?

Yes! You can view my portfolio HERE! My portrait style consists of a good mixture of journalistic, natural, posed, traditional and modern. My editing style is clean, colorful, warm and a bit more on the contrast side. 

How much does your portrait photography cost?

My portrait sessions start at $199+tax. Usually clients will invest anywhere from $300-$500 on a session. All packages include my time, edited full resolution images, online gallery with password, and travel. 

I love your work! How do I book a shoot with you?

Feel free to contact me HERE and I’ll respond within 1 business day (usually sooner). I’ll email over my packages and once you’ve picked a package, I’ll send you a contract via email. It will be filled out and all you have to do is read and sign. I’ll sign it as well and email it back to you (for your records). The non-refundable down payment is $75 and the remaining balance is due at the time of the session. You may pay via invoice & credit card, Paypal , check or CASH (at session). 

What if the session is cancelled because of inclement weather or I’m sick? 

We will work on rescheduling for another day! Usually within 1 month after cancelled session.

If you, however, don’t reschedule a session within one month of your previous scheduled session, you will forfeit your non-refundable down payment. If you book another session with me in the future, you will have to pay another $75 non-refundable down payment. 

What should I wear to the portrait session?

If you’re photographed with other humans, try to color coordinate. Pick a base color (white, black, grey, tan) and two brighter colors (yellow, red, orange, blue, purple) and make sure that everyone is wearing a base color and one of the two brighter colors. 

I suggest NOT wearing white shirts. Wearing different colored jeans OR wearing clothes with huge logos or wording on the front. 

THIS family nailed the outfit colors! Pinterest has some great ideas! 

Do I pick a location? Or do you?

If you’re being photographed on the coast, especially Mid-Coast, I have a TON of location idea’s. I usually ask if you’re interested in an ocean, urban, fields, mountains, or woods backdrop? Then I go from there to suggest locations. I also love when clients have their own suggestions-example the family lives on a farm! Or at a camp! Or next to a wild flower field! Or on the ocean! 

What time do you usually photograph your sessions?

I always say that it’s not always the photographer, the camera, the lenses or Photoshop skills that makes a perfect image-it’s the LIGHTING!

If you want clean, crisp, warm, vibrant images-I suggest these shooting times.

Summer-between 6pm-8pm

Fall-between 4pm-6pm

Winter-The sun is so close to the horizon-line, any time during the day is usually find.

Spring-between 5pm-7pm

If it’s overcast, you can shoot at any time of the day!

Morning and evening times are the best for stunning portraits. If you chose a time that doesn’t fall between the times above, you WILL NOT receive top quality images. 

Ok, the shoot is finally done! How long will it take to receive my images?

Depending on the time of year, my turn-around times are usually very quick. Typically 3 days-2 weeks. You will receive an email with the gallery link and password. You will go in, view all the edited images and download them to your desktop. YAY! Easy! 

Can I request additional edits?

YES! Email me the image # and what you would like edited. Once the additional edits are finished, I’ll upload them into the gallery.