It’s that time of year! School pictures! 

This year, I actually own a DSLR-so there really wasn’t any excuses to NOT take my kids photo’s. Sadly, these are just pictures of Mister Jude, because Lila is very VERY sick. This poor girl has double pneumonia, a infected g-tube site, and a TON of seizures. Today alone, she had SIX seizures. Sigh. I really hope she has a good weekend of health soon. 

Here’s Mister Jude and all his glory. He’s 4.5 years old. He’s full of personality. He has a big heart. He’s extrovert. He loves Reese’s and coffee (he has his own Spider-man mug for morning coffee with me). He loves to thrift and shopping at Target. He’s got killer dance moves. He just learned how to ride a bike with NO training wheels. He LOVES sports. He’s full of life, got a lot spunk and he makes me laugh. Him and his daddy are two pea’s in a pod.  He loves Lila and always comes to her rescue when she’s have a seizure.  I honestly can’t imagine my life without him. He really completes our family. 

P.S. I tell him all the time, “I can’t believe I made you.” and he replies, “no, Jesus made me.” hahaha. Still, since I did most of the work…I can’t believe I made half of him. <3

Rockport, Maine Family Photography -  Sierra Kristen Photography

Rockport, Maine Family Photography -  Sierra Kristen Photography