New Years

Maine Photography- Sierra Kristen Photography

boy. summer 2017. Photographed with a Rolleiflex 2.8, using Kodak 400TX film. Developed by theFINDlab, scanned by me.


First off, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! (a week later, I know. UGH) My day was full. Lots of family. Giving. and SNOW! I can’t remember celebrating a Christmas during a snow storm! So cozy and perfect. Can we rewind back to 6 days? Pllleeeaasssse. Now that we’re quickly approaching the New Year, I wanted to reflect and talk about my new goals!

Ehh, 2017. It wasn’t my most favorite year and it wasn’t the worst year of my life. As they say, you have to take the bad with the good-that perfectly sums up my year. I made some AMAZING memories with my family. We went on soooo MANY adventures and I’m looking forward to holding on to them and looking back via pictures (I’m currently printing 2017 pictures twice a month!) I had to make some big decisions, regroup, change directions. Nothing like life catching you off guard. I took up new activities- like knitting, crocheting, HIIT cardio, cooking, drinking HOT coffee, deadlifting and squatting! I paid off more debts. I loved and spent as much time humanly possible watching my children grow. Learn. Evolving into these really cool humans. I made some new friendships through work. I watched Lila suffer some pretty rough hardships, and I also watched her progress in ways that I never thought was possible. Through therapy, I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t change people. As much as I want them in my life. As much as I want to love them. As much as I THINK I need them. I can’t make them into better people. I can’t stop them from negatively impacting my life. I can’t make them support and love me back. I have to move on with my life without them. That was a LARGE pill to swallow in 2017. I still struggle daily. 2017 was a mix bag of happy, angry, good memories, sadness, acceptance and moving on. I’m ready for 2018! 

Now, 2018. Ahhhh, so many goals. Sooo MUCH I want to do. 

Wedding/Portraits. Professionally, I want to continue photographing humans. I still have 2018 wedding slots available. I’m taking on a very small handful, so I can focus on providing the most amazing art and customer service as possible. I’m STILL working on developing a website portfolio, so hold tight and I’ll have that up this week! Of course, I’m accepting unlimited number of portrait sessions this year! Families. Maternity. Seniors. Engagements. I also want to put more time and effort into lifestyle blogging. I’ve been bad about it in 2017. I’ve educated myself on SOOO many things and I want to share all of that with you!

Film. Since purchasing a DSLR back in the spring, I’ve neglected my Rolleiflex and film art. I REALLY hope to shoot 1 ROLL a month in 2018. Film has impacted me in so many positive ways. I see light differently and I can be a bit more carefree with my art.  I hope to talk more about my journey with film and in the darkroom more!

Fitness. I’m approaching 4 years of exercising. FOUR YEARS ago, on New Years Eve. I was 35lbs over weight and depressed. I decided I needed to make a lifestyle change and by February, I was at the gym. Running the track. Barely making it a half mile. Since then, I’ve run half marathons. I can sprint a half mile. I can barbell squat 120lbs (ass to grass!). I’ve pushed myself in ways I never thought I could. Now, for 2018, I decided that I really need to work on my diet. I have the exercise routine down perfect, but my diet. sigh! I gained 12 lbs over the summer, fall and holidays. I’ve consumed so much junk food. Sugar. and apparently eating well over my calorie count, to gain weight while exercising. I started my diet three days ago. I’m eating 1200 calories (adding more when I’m exercising). I’ve added more proteins, nuts, veggies and fruits to my diet. AND I’m on day three of no sugar. Well, I’m allowed how 6 teaspoons of sugar a day-that’s basically enough sugar for my 1 cup of coffee in the morning and occasional fruit/whole milk yogurt. I’ve been suffering that last few days…and I know it’s only going to get more difficult, before it gets better. I plan to start blogging my journey with before and after pictures. My hope is to be a healthy weight by May 2017. I have this sweet low-back vintage bathing suit I NEED to squeeze into-before beach season. If you want to follow me on MYFITNESSPAL, add me! 🙂 

Special needs mommin’. I REALLY want to focus on fundraising and giving. I want to sit down and come up with at least two fundraisers to do this upcoming year. To support children and adults like Lila. We did a successful epilepsy fundraiser THIS YEAR and I’m already planning to do it again for 2018! I really want to run a 5k, 10k or even a half marathon again, so I’m hoping to find a run that supports sick children or children like Lila! 

Travel. My travel goals for 2018 won’t be huge. Unfortunately, with a special kid, it’s VERY difficult to travel as a family. So, we won’t be leaving New England anytime soon, unless we travel separately. But, I hope to explore a new island for my Mid-June birthday, go camping at least TWICE, and explore all the way Downeast!

Personally. I’ll probably stay my introverted-socially awkward self. Definitely going to continue avoiding all humans, small talk and awkward store run ins. hahaha! I do, however, want to continue to nourish my relationships with family, my husband and my small circle of friends.

I think that’s it. Keeping it pretty simple this year. I’m looking forward to a fresh start. Taking what I’ve learned in 2017, and applying it to 2018-in hopes to making it a better year. I know to set my expectations to a realistic level, so I’m motivated-but not completely disappointed. Hope you all have a lovely New YEAR and plan on embracing your fresh starts!